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Blast is a budding fintech company building financial and educational products for gamers - a community of over 3 billion individuals worldwide. With Android and iOS apps in the market, Blast easily reaches a wide audience to serve games and courses with financial rewards that promote prolonged engagement and retention.
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Gamified resolutions
Blast’s unique work in gamifying savings has proven that gamification is essential for traditional industries to better reach and relate to their current consumers. By leveraging the latest fintech frameworks, Blast can provide the tools to stay competitive and increase monetization, now and in the future.
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A better tomorrow

Blast’s meta app can serve a limitless number of games or gamified educational courses, while its fintech pipes allow new forms of savings through incentives to build a financial foundation and scholarship accounts. Blast’s solutions can help enhance your company/consumer relationship too!

Blast products include:

  • UA platform that aides companies in acquiring more engaged customers over installs.
  • Advisory services to financial institutions to gamify the user experience, improve funnel metrics and increase retention.
  • Enterprise software to offer new or existing users micro savings or investment vehicles.
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