How it Works

Everything You Need to Know

Gaming & Money
Working Together

We bring your gaming and money together in one app that allows you to save based on your gameplay, earn extra cash doing Missions and win up to $1,000 per week on the Leaderboard.

Link Your Bank

Think of Blast as your own gamer’s wallet that turns your gaming into dollars. In less than a minute, you can link your checking account and start to save and win money effortlessly in the background of your gameplay. It works with every game on the Google Play Store and many top PC titles as well. Soon, Blast will work with most games, iOS and console games included.

Set Triggers

Play your favorite mobile games to automatically trigger savings or set up advanced triggers for in-game achievements such as enemies defeated, turrets destroyed, etc., in top PC titles such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more. Customize how much you save per trigger to align your gameplay with your savings goals.

The Leaderboard

Compete against other Blast users to win up to $1,000 weekly on the Leaderboard. Rank up by earning experience Points (XP).

Complete Fun Missions

Blast offers exciting Missions that pay out instant cash dividends for completing objectives in top games. Whether it's winning 3 matches in Clash Royale, playing Words With Friends 2 for 5 minutes, or taking down 5 enemy champions in League of Legends, there are Missions for everyone.

Level Up

Prepare to Launch

If you are a PC gamer, link your Steam or League of Legends account to start building savings, earn cash Mission Dividends, and win big on the Leaderboard.

The Blast app is 100% free and has no hidden costs or fees. Made by gamers, for gamers. Have fun, start building wealth!