How it Works

Everything You Need to Know

Prepare for Launch

Saving has never been easier or more fun. Equip your gaming with the power to earn and win you money.

Select Your Mission

Blast offers a variety of Missions and games, from casual to hardcore. For example, earn 25¢ for connecting candy, make 50¢ for collecting coins, or get $1 for conquering that pesky level 7.

Climb the Leaderboard

Earn eXperience Points (XP) for every Mission you complete and for each dollar you save. Each week first place wins $50! Rank higher on the Leaderboard by completing more Missions and by building up your savings. (Effective 4/14/2019)

Watch Your Savings Grow

Literally level up your life by earning and winning cash for doing what you love to do — Game! On top of that, your Blast balance earns 5x the national average. It might not be enough for a roundtrip ticket to Mars, but small amounts add up to big savings.

Level Up

Prepare to Launch

If you are ready to level up IRL, download the Blast app now to start building savings, earn cash for completing Missions, and try to win big on the Leaderboard.

The Blast app is 100% free and has no hidden costs or fees. Made by gamers, for gamers. Have fun, start building wealth!