The time for personalized savings is here.

What we do
Savings made simple, easy, and fun.

Let’s be honest, financial stability is hard to achieve and the education around personal finance is a total snooze fest. But it doesn’t need to be. At Blast, we believe finance should be fun, easy, and include what you love to do. For us, that’s gaming. We build financial products to fit our passions- games, games and more games.

Our goal is to equip a new generation of gamers with the financial tools to reach further than before. We are driven by progress, thrive on simplifying today’s banking challenges, and value the things that make people unique. It’s time to take traditional banking and give it a personal touch. The next big bank is a small one - a space where money meets personal passions.

Mission Control also known as Blast HQ
Who we are
This is mission control
Led by CEO and founder Walter Cruttenden, Blast is for gamers, by gamers. Our team focuses on providing fun and innovative ways to equip a new generation of gamers with the necessary tools to achieve financial freedom. Brought together by this shared passion, we come from a variety of fields from finance, gaming, education and more. Blast is closing the gap by providing personalized banking products to the gaming world, one game session at a time.
A Blast employee working and gaming
Where we’re going
Leveling up - the next frontier in finance
Since going live in 2018, Blast has set out to challenge traditional banking by bringing personalized financial tools to gamers. After immense success with the investment app Acorns, the original founders sought to build upon the idea that wealth is not limited to the few and Blast was born. As a young startup in the fintech space, Blast has already made a distinct presence in the market with our premier feature, Game-Based Savings™. Through the evolution of this feature, Blast has further expanded on incorporating gameplay as a trigger to help individuals passively and easily fund a free savings account. In addition to our Android product, Blast for iOS was released in 2019 to include mobile and PC games as we continue to build products for the gaming community and their financial needs. Next up we're very excited to introduce Game-Based Investing™ coming very soon!